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PRIMORE is a product aimed at Hair Realignment whose main objective is to align the wires and reduce the excessive volume of the hair. In addition to providing a powerful and lasting smooth, its performance is also responsible for promoting an intense treatment to the hair fiber, giving more vitality to the locks.

Available in 250ml and 1L versions, PRIMORE is a product for professional use suitable for anyone looking for smooth and healthy hair, as it prevents the appearance of the main signs of dryness and gives hair more silkiness and shine.

Its use is authorized for all types of hair, including those chemically treated or those undergoing a hair transition phase.

PRIMORE's technology is developed from four main ingredients. They are: Lumini System, Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Lactic Acid.

The Lumini System and the Coconut Oil act directly in the construction of the smooth and aligned effect. While the former works on repairing the cuticles, the latter, in turn, is in charge of reducing excessive frizz and smoothing out the appearance of split ends.

Hydrolyzed Collagen and Lactic Acid are responsible for the treatment of hair fiber. Respectively, the ingredients are responsible for the regeneration of damaged areas and the hydration of the hair.

PRIMORE's biggest differential is, without a doubt, to offer a healthy and long-lasting straight. Its cutting-edge technology is capable of promoting safe hair realignment and ensuring more shine, softness and movement to the hair.

In addition to these primary benefits, the treatment also provides intense hydration to the hair and promotes Thermal Crystallization of the hair, which is capable of favoring the closing of the cuticles and, thus, prolonging the durability of this healthy straight.

See below all the benefits offered by PRIMORE:

– Capillary realignment;
– Powerful and long-lasting smooth;
– Deep hydration;
– Softness and shine;
– Damage repair;
– Reduction of excessive frizz and volume;
– Smoothing the signs of dryness;
– Protection against free radicals;
– Easy and practical application.

Non-hypoallergenic product, it is recommended to carry out the following patch test before the procedure:

01 – With the help of a cotton swab, apply the product on the forearm or behind the ear, in an area of ​​about 1 cm.

02 – Wait for approximately 20 minutes to act. If any reaction occurs at any time during the test, wash the area immediately. If not, remove the product and perform the procedure.

– Store in a cool and ventilated place.
– Pregnant and lactating women, consult a specialist before application.

The correct application of PRIMORE is what guarantees the maximum effectiveness of all the benefits promised by the product. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the way of use suggested by the manufacturer.

There are two different ways to apply the product. It all depends on the degree of porosity and curvature of the wire. See below:

Frizzy hair

1. With clean and damp hair
2. Apply the product evenly along the entire length of the hair, from root to tip (applying 1 cm from the scalp).
3. Leave to act from 1 hour to 1h30m.
4. After the break time, rinse thoroughly.
5. Dry, brush completely with a dryer and flat iron.
6. Finish as you wish.

Blond hair

1. Divide the hair into four parts.
2. Starting at the back of the neck, apply the product along the entire length of the hair, strand by strand, using a brush and comb.
3. Wait from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the degree of porosity of the thread.
4. Rinse and remove 100% of the product.
5. Dry the hair 100% only with the dryer.
6. Divide the hair into four parts and flat iron thin strands 10 to 15 times at a temperature of 180°C.
7. Rinse the hair and apply the Mask for a better result.
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