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  • With the new formula, FORCE-PLASTIA, the BIO TANIX EXTREME line smoothens even the most rebellious hair, reduces volume, and eliminates frizz in just one application without yellowing and without losing the tone of the previously colored hair. Technology: Tânico: A Natural composition is extracted from the bark of the Black Wattle Tree (Acacia Negra).
  •  The new formula contains essential ingredients for a complete restoration of the smoothing process and for total nutritional safety of the strands. It acts with in the hair shaft releasing Hydrogen and providing an internal imbalance, which results in a smooth effect.
  •  Say goodbye to aggressive and preserving chemicals. Phenolic compound, derived from the secondary metabolism of plants; Defined as water-soluble polymers that precipitate proteins; Pharmacological Properties: Antioxidants, Astringent, Hemost.
  •  With BIO TANIX EXTREME the hair gains a more natural look, intense shine, stays healthy and free of daily aggressions.

Bio Tanix Prime Pro Extreme 1L 

With its new Force-Plastia formula, the Bio Extreme Prime line smoothes even the toughest hair, reduces the volume and eliminates frizz in the first application without yellowing lighter hair without losing the tone of previously colored hair.  

The new formula has essential assets for a complete recovery of yarn straightening and nutrition in complete safety.  

Say goodbye to aggressive chemicals and preservatives.  

With Bio Tanix Extreme the hair gains a more natural air, with intense brightness and stays healthy and free of aggressions. 

How to use: 
-Moisten the hair, apply the Extreme Shampoo and evenly massage the hair. 
Note: The scalp should be preserved, not being rubbed or massage. Rinse thoroughly. 
-With 50% dry hair, split them into strands and apply Extreme Smoothing strand by strand. After full application, cover with a plastic cap and let stand for 45 to 60 minutes. After the break, in the lavatory, remove the product. It is not necessary to use shampoo. Note: For blondes rinse thoroughly. 
-Prepare the hair to dry, with the help of a round brush, let the yarn completely smooth. Then separate fine wicks and plank each 10 to 15 times, depending on the strength of the wires. 
-To finish we recommend the use of Extreme Mask, let pause for 3 minutes to equalize and rinse. Finalize as you wish. The result is straight hair without fading the wires. Treated, with unparalleled brilliance and naturalness

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