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Portier Unique Tint Progres...

Portier Unique Tint Progressive Brush for Blondes - 1L

It is a hair conditioning emulsion that is specially developed for blonde hair. It is formulated with a new technology capable of restoring, toning and preventing aging of hair in a single application step, in addition to eliminating pre-washing. Furthermore, it is rich in amino acids, proteins, Avocado oil and Coconut oil that give the hair intense softness, reduces volume and eliminates frizz.

Blonde, platinum, bleached or highlighted hair affected by natural aging.

The result is silky, nuanced strands, without frizz and with the cuticle aligned.

How to apply
Divide your hair into four parts. Using a spray bottle, moisten your hair and starting at the back of your head, apply the product along the entire length of your hair, section by section, using a brush and comb.
Leave it to act for up to 30 minutes. Rinse and remove 100% of the product from your hair.
Dry your hair 100%. Divide your hair into 4 parts and straighten thin sections 10 times quickly.
Rinse your hair and apply a conditioner or instant hydration oil.
Tip: If the roots are grown and dark, you can use the straightener at 180Cº to 230Cº on the ends.

Included Items
01 - Portier Unique Progressive Toning Brush Without Formaldehyde 1Liter
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