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BoraBella Não Cry More 19 P...

BoraBella Não Cry More 19 Professional Amino Acids Liter Kit

Não Chore Mais provides the intense effect on the threads without suffering, without burning and of long duration. Completely free of formaldehyde or aggressive actives, this product guarantees a 100% professional result, leaving the strands disciplined, light, loose and with a lasting salon shine.

With an innovative formulation, this product delivers an intense anti-frizz effect in addition to moisturizing, replenishes the mass of the capillary cortex and reorganizes the cuticles, thus realigning the strands, in addition to treating them completely from the inside out.

All these advantages are thanks to the exclusive BIOCOMPLEX blend made up of actives that work in synergy involving and penetrating the entire structure of the threads. They are: 19 amino acids that form the protein of the thread, Hyaluronic Acid Hydration, Glutamic Acid Reduction, Aspartic Acid Reduction, Silk Protein for Sealing the Cuticles, Coconut and Ojon Oils for intense nutrition.

The main differences of Não Chore Mais are:

- Compatibility with all other brands and previous chemistries

- For all hair types, colors, even the most difficult and rebellious;

- Does not cause burning, tears, smoke or discomfort during application;

- Free of Formaldehyde or Derivatives that pose a risk to your and Clients' Health.

- Restores capillary mass, restoring strength to the strands, thanks to proteins and 19 amino acids;

- Hydration, Nutrition, Realignment and Shine GLOSS intense professional salon real;

- Nutrition in the right measure does not dry the ends or damage the wires, nourishing and repairing;

- High durability and guaranteed intense professional effect, free of retouching (for up to 4 months);

- Naturalness in the Result, hair soft, loose, shiny and with movement, balance and naturalness.

- Ease of Application perfect viscosity for distribution on the wires without dripping, smooth gliding of the brush and flat iron.

- Color Protection thanks to the exclusive Pigment Dual Color technology that allows the product to be used on all hair colors, reducing the fading caused by the heat of the iron of dark tones and the yellowing of blonde tones (tone up to 8);
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