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Borabella Organic Boratox 1...

Borabella Organic Boratox 19 amino acids Replenishes Mass and Smooths - 1kg

What it does?

It provides hair with true volume reduction and mass replacement, in addition to eliminating frizz, deeply hydrates, softens strands, and promotes the perfect sealing of open or damaged cuticles, resulting in intense shine and a truly salon-like result.

Contains organic and modern active ingredients, and our exclusive BioComplex Blend made up of light vegetable oils, low molecular weight proteins and 19 amino acids that promote complete and deep reorganization of the hair cortex and cuticle.

For all hair types and colors, especially with frizz and voluminous hair.

How to apply
- Wash with shampoo, rinse and remove excess water with a towel.
- With dry hair, apply Bóratox to the entire length of the strands using a brush and avoiding contact with the scalp.
- Leave to act for 40 minutes.
- Then, rinse, dry, brush with a hairdryer and straighten your hair, and flat iron 10 to 15 times in very thin sections. Finish as you wish.

Important Tips: we recommend applying NeutraQuimic at the end of the process, it will reconnect internal sulfur bridges in the hair lost due to temperature, eliminate any smell, replace lipids and rebalance the PH. Durability and Maintenance: after showering, always dry your hair with a hairdryer, aligning the strands with a brush or comb. Avoid swimming pools and sea water

Included Items
01 - Boratox Bt-o.x Professional 19 Amino Acids Replenishing Mass - Borabella 1kg
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